Villas In Samui – Fit For A Presidential Relaxation

President Obama’s recent trips to Kenya and Ethiopia make people wonder whether he has visited Koh Samui in Thailand. As of August 15, the President of the United States has made 42 international trips to 52 different countries in addition to other domestic trips made inside the US. In 2012, President Obama visited Thailand but it is hardly possible that he has stayed at one of the Villas in Samui considering that he was only in Thailand for 2 days.

Thailand’s Koh Samui is awash with opulent resort villas of such an imposing scale that it has quickly established the island as an extravagant destination fit for presidents and other heads of state. Actually, it is not the number of villas that is staggering but their size. The recently opened Panacea boasts of only 5 luxury villas but the smallest measures 1,300 square meters and the largest is a sprawling 4,000-square meter villa. The sizes are indeed immense and they are generously equipped with features that a guest will need several days to take full advantage of everything that is offered in the luxurious homes.

A luxurious holiday villa frequently includes a minimum of four bedrooms, a private garden, expertly designed grounds and a 20-meter infinity pool. High end sound systems are available for indoor and outdoor parties. Guests can invite as many friends and visitors as they want because the open living room extends to a terrace with 10 full-time staff who will attend to their needs should they require any assistance. Each of the rooms in the luxury villa is equipped with a complete home entertainment system and everything that a guest wishes for.

Aside from the unlimited space the guests can enjoy with privacy, there are plenty of integrated well-being options offered to those who want to be fit while on vacation. Complimentary yoga sessions are offered everyday with fitness programs and detox menus prepared for those with health concerns. Outside the sprawling grounds, guests can treat themselves to a different experience through hiking, mountain biking and jet skiing.  All in all, it is an enticing package for those who want a change from the typical holiday resorts.