The Beast – A Moving Fortress For President Obama

Have you had the experience of booking a limo through Limousine Royalty? Did you experience the stares of people on the streets while you drove to an event? Were you aware of the number of people posing for photographs beside the rented limousine? If you think that the limousine you booked has the best in luxury and elegance, think again because nothing beats President Obama’s limousine.

The President’s $1.5 million Cadillac One limousine called “The Beast” was designed from the ground by the Secret Service to ensure the president’s safety when travelling. The Beast is a moving fortress made from steel, aluminum, titanium and ceramic that cannot be penetrated by bullets or bombs. According to AutoWeek, President has 12 identical limos in rotation. When these limos are not in use, they are parked at the basement of the Secret Service headquarters with 24-hour surveillance.

Whenever President Obama travels at least two cars go with the president. During a motorcade, the president’s limo is surrounded by 45 armed vehicles including an identical decoy, local police, a mobile communications center, numerous other armed vehicles and an ambulance.

The president’s limousine was manufactured by General Motors in Detroit with a gasoline V8 engine. The security details of the president’s limousine include the following:

  • The top weight and speed of each vehicle is classified information including the 5-inch thick bullet proof technology on its windows.
  • In the moving fortress, a steel plate runs underneath the car as protection from bombs or grenades.
  • A biochemical attack cannot penetrate the cabin because it is completely sealed.
  • The tires are enforced with Kevlar and are puncture resistant. If anyone tries to blow off the tires, the steel rims will allow the car to keep on running.
  • The only window that opens is on the driver’s side. It can only be opened for a meager 3 inches.
  • The fuel tank is foam-sealed to prevent an explosion even if it takes a direct hit.
  • Tear gas cannons and night vision cameras are hidden in the front of the car.
  • It has a built in satellite phone that has a direct link to the Pentagon and the US vice president

When the president’s limo is abroad, it displays the US flag and is strategically parked to create a barrier from the crowds.