Security Within White House Compared To iHome Alarm System And Other Home Securities

The Citizens of United states along with other countries have already incorporated home securities within their home. iHome Alarm System, ADT and many more, are now eminent in the market, providing security to the common citizen. This is only comprehensible because of the imminent dangers present today. The fact that regular citizens are equipped with such high-end systems would also make one wonder about how the protection of President Barack Obama, his family, and the White House in entirety, is protected from more dangerous outside-elements.

The White house has been the witness of many types of attacks. This range from simple fence jumpers which showed last year, to more up-to-scale possible threats like armed attackers, falling airplane and many more. Such attacks are inevitable, but the fact that White House still stands after attacks prove that their defense are nothing to laugh at.

The white house is commonly dubbed as an impregnable fortress like the house of the gods which was Olympus. It houses the important, ‘first family’, guarded by the secret service along with other security measures. The first defense that confronts possible attackers is the reinforced iron fence. Agents patrol and protect the area while windows for the family are all bullet-proofed.

The defense is not that simple. After the iron fence, sensors and alarms are scattered throughout the area which detects intruders like fence jumpers. Patrolling the lawns are not just simply ‘armed’ guards. They are specially trained agents which are divided from uniformed ones and plain clothed ones – composing the ‘Secret Service’.

The number of agents within the house was not disclosed, but we could only infer that it’s a lot. On the other hand, their equipment and skills are top-notch too. The agents scouring the grounds are equipped with machine guns, shotguns and pistols. At the top of the building, highly trained snipers who can shoot accurately from thousand yards away, are deployed.

When we compare the iHome Alarm systems or others alarm systems to the defense system of the White house, ours are definitely overpowered by a landslide, but it still remains a fact that this alarm systems are more than enough for us. This also goes to show, that the prestigious President Barack Obama and his family, are more than safe within the premises of the revered White House.