Grand Canyon National Park Is Threatened By The Proposed By The Proposed Resort Development

Resorts like the Spa Resort in Koh Chang are good for the benefit of the people who are looking for a suitable place where they can unwind and relax. Unfortunately, the construction of such commercial establishments can be faced with certain challenges and oppositions especially when it concerns Mother Nature.

Just like the case with the Grand Canyon National Park. Plans for a real estate development near the South Rim of the Grand Canyon had been laid out earlier and now, it would seem that the proposed development may come into reality.
According to the US Forest Service, they will be studying the request made by the town of Tusayan regarding the private land that is surrounded by the national forest.

Conservation advocates were greatly affected by the news of a possible resort development in the Grand Canyon. Conservationists say that the development can add to the environmental pressure on the Grand Canyon, one of the country’s most cherished natural landmarks. The megaresort is planned to have 2,100 residential units with hotels, spas and a residential center which would take about 3 million square-feet of retail space.

The project has been regarded as one of the biggest threats to the steep-sided canyon by the superintendent of the Grand Canyon National Park.
The proposal made by the Stilo Development Group is planning to transform the small tourist town of 580 residents into a stretch of high-end houses, strip malls and resorts that is only a mile away from the boundary of the Grand Canyon National Park.

To obtain the federal permit that is required before they can the public lands within the Kaibab National Forest, Stilo has made a partnership with the town of Tusayan.

Kevin Dahl of the National Parks Conservation Association said that the proposal is not in the interests of the public and that it is also the greatest threat that the Grand Canyon has ever faced in its 96-year history.

He also said that the Forest Service is able to and should have rejected the proposal on hand.

The development project in the Grand Canyon, if it is ever to be accomplished, will be described as a stain on President Barack Obama’s legacy for this country.