Olympic Games Are Big Deal For The Obamas

The United States is almost always one of the nations that manage to gain a high share of medals in the Olympic Games but does President Obama watch the games? The president and his first lady Michelle watch the games but the president gets too tense with gymnastic competitions. Both of them are diehard Olympic fans and they have very encouraging words for the American team.

It is indeed surprising to know that the President can get tense with Olympic gymnastics when he has watched anti-terrorism raids inside the White House Situation Room. In a shared video, President Obama and Michelle talked about some of their favorite Olympic memories.

  • The President asked Michelle if she likes to compete in an Olympic event. If so, what event? The First Lady wants to compete in gymnastics but she thinks she is a little too tall. She finds gymnastics as phenomenal particularly with the flips that are done in a heartbeat. Meanwhile, the President considers the artists gymnastics events as spectacular but anything involving the head pointing down is not something he would do.
  • Running is something that the President would like to participate in. He likes the 200m because he thinks 100m is a little too fast. In the 200m, you can see a runner coming from the curve.
  • One of the favorite memories of President Obama is watching sprinter Michael Johnson when he ran in 1996 Atlanta Olympics wearing his golden shoes. Johnson was able to set a world record for the 200m.
  • The Obama’s admitted their love for the games while growing up. His favorite Olympian was Jesse Owens who competed in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Owens was not only the fastest man in the world but he ran in front of the Nazi’s. It meant that Americans stand for the equality of all human beings.

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