Obama Salutes People Who Are Responsible In Connecting The World

Obama encouraged the young generation that are into entrepreneurship to produce new ventures as the world becomes interconnected and continues to do so. The global markets are not looking good for Britain, on the other hand, because of fear that Brexit might cause financial issues.

In a conference at Silicon Valley where Obama is invited, he said that the world is getting smaller as it becomes interconnected. He said to the entrepreneurs that are there as his audience coming from different parts of the world that they are the representation of an interconnected world. He added that many entrepreneurs are the reason why the world is connected now more than ever because of their catalization which has rapidly made the world connected.

The summit also presented an opportunity for the young entrepreneurs to do their networking especially Obama who made a joke in behalf of the simple wardrobe that Zuckerberg is known for wearing.

During a panel where the Facebook founder and billionaire is present, Obama said that he may not be able to wear a T-shirt just like Zuckerberg but he can take of his jacket.

Obama got an opportunity before the conference to talk with the entrepreneurs during the dinner they had at the Twenty Five Lusk.

The guests that are included in the dinner are Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, John Hennessy, the president of Standford University, Elizabeth Gore representing Dell, John Doerr, venture capitalist, Reid Hoffman who is the chairman of LinkedIn and Claire Lee who is the current managing director at the Silicon Valley Bank.

According to a statement from the White House before the dinner, the President will be dining with leaders that are instruments in encouraging global entrepreneurship. They will talk about making communities all over the globe that are prosperous economical, inclusive as well as secure.

Zuckerberg is also there and talked to the audience from Stanford about creating business not just to make money but also to make a change in the world.

As President Obama is readying himself for retirement after his term, he said he is excited to wear a T-shirt just like Zuckerberg but will he be hooked in the ugly Christmas sweater craze as well?