Michelle Obama Revealed Why She Is Not Going Back To The White House

Michelle Obaman, the Former First Lady, said in a previous interview with CNN that she has no plans in running for office and this is already final.

In a statement she sent to Orlando Sentinel, the reason why she is not running is that family life is not easy when they are in the politics.

In an annual conference hosted by the American Institute of Architects where she spoke, Obama said that she could never succumb her children to the same ordeal all over again because running for a higher office does not only involve her but her entire family. She added that they would be able to do more if they are outside of the office rather than carrying the baggage that comes with politics.

In an interview she did with Oprah as a farewell to being the First Lady, she clarifies that she will not be running and she would have indicated already if she is interested in the position.

Obama revealed some facts regarding their stay at the White House and one interesting fact is that it is the place wherein they have lived the longest as a family thus her children can’t help but cry when it was time for them to leave since they grew up in that house.

On the days leading to their departure, Sasha and Malia decided to host a slumber party inside the White House along with eight other girls and they requested chicken nuggets for the menu.

She also admitted that the girls loved to hear the sound of the protesters as they are outside the White House. This is because they are not allowed to open their private bedrooms’ windows as it may have been covered with roller blinds thus they only window they are allowed to open is the one facing the public. The girls referred to the sound of the protesters as soothing.

It is understandable for people who need privacy to have roller blinds in their windows and there are reputable companies to get one such as the roller blinds from rods and blinds. The pet dogs of the Obamas were not even able to hear the sound of the doorbell for the duration of their stay since the White House does not have them.