Barack Obama Is A Life Coach To Today’s Youth

The former president of the United States, Barack Obama, recently said in a statement that he is currently facing a lot of challenges within his radar but what is important is that he is positive that his next job will give him the chance to help the youth of today which is the future leaders of the country.

Obama said that the most essential challenge for him right now is to make sure that the next generation of leaders will be read to hold up the baton and accept the task when handed to them.

It has been several weeks since we have heard from the former president because of his decision to stay out of the limelight for a while. After going back to the scene, he began his new role with a kick-starting discussion together with students from all over Chicago. Obama is now a proud leadership coach and the first thing he tackled is the issue of civic engagements and how they can be good leaders. The discussion was hosted at the University of Chicago.

This is the very first public appearance of Barack Obama after leaving the White House in January. He tried his best not to tackle the issues the country is currently facing. He did not make any comments about what will happen to the signature health care he has developed while in the office nor did he say anything about the current work of the new president of the United States. He rather focused on the issues that he feels are very important in order for the country to go forward.

Obama cracked a joked as soon as he took the stage by asking what’s going while he is away.

There are a number of issues he tackled during the discussion such as voter apathy, the division among the media as well as gerrymandering. These are all issues that he has also emphasized quite a lot when he was still in the office. He especially gave a speech about these issues during the Illinois General Assembly. Obama is now considered as one of the top life coaches by the younger generation. He is currently busy in developing a book about his journey in politics.