Enjoy A Hotel Room Fit For Presidents For Less

There is a general assumption that hotels are expensive and luxurious but fortunately, there are tricks to make your next hotel stay more affordable on the pocket without sacrificing comfort and convenience. Not unless you are the former president of the US like Barack Obama, high end hotel rooms may be beyond the range of your budget. However, the hotel rooms are the epitome of luxury and convenience which you can only experience if you use some of these tricks.

  1. Use KAYAK, a travel search engine that helps you find hotels. You can sign up with Kayak to get price alerts from hotels on the dates of your planned trip. When the prices of accommodation drop, you will immediately get an email notification.
  2. Redeem your airline miles for a hotel stay. However, much as you like cheap accommodations, it is still a better deal to use miles for your flight. If a friend or member of the family has accumulated airline miles and has no plans of using them in the near future, ask them to transfer their miles to your account.
  3. Use the credit card when you book for hotel rooms. Many credit cards offer huge bonuses for signing up and spending a large amount of money within a certain period of time. When planning a trip, search online for the credit cards where you will enjoy the highest bonuses.
  4. Join travel organizations where one of the benefits of membership includes hotel deals. You can sign up with AAA that offers great prices for hotel rooms.
  5. You do not have to be a travel blogger; simply sign up and write accommodation reviews for Yonderbound. When someone books a hotel room after reading your travel experiences in Yonderbound, you will earn 70% from the sales profit.

Make sure to book directly with the hotel and not a travel agency website. For example, if you make an online booking with best hotels in Sukhumvit Soi II you will enjoy the best available rates for that certain date and time. All universally accepted credit cards can be used to book for a room and settle the rest of the bill with cash or credit card when you checkout.