LED Strip Lights Used By Land Transport Authority

LED technology is the new ‘it’ when it comes to lighting systems. In fact, government agencies are now recognizing that these products can help them save on costs. They are so popular than even the mobile giant Xiaomi produced its own LED strip lighting kit.

In Singapore, the Land Transport Authority noticed that pedestrians were not paying attention to traffic signals. Many of these were distracted by their mobile devices. To help solve this problem they installed two flashing LED strips at a traffic light crossing. LTA officers say that with the strips in place, pedestrians will be forced to pay attention to the traffic signals.

Was it effective? According to reports, only a few noticed that the strips were there to begin with. Matthias Lim who was a 23-year-old student said that he was looking down because of the hot sun and while he did look at the direction of the strip, he was not able to notice it. He added that the sun was just too bright for him to have even noticed that colour of the lights.

Administrative personnel Catherine Tham wondered if Christmas came early. She did not know the main reason why the lights were installed but commented that one strip was more visible than the other because of the location.

As for the 65-year-old Lim Swee San who is a wheelchair user for seven years now, the sun made it difficult for her to see the newly installed LED strip. It also did not help that she can’t see well to begin with.

While the comments were somewhat negative at first, there were those who welcomed the new addition after being enlightened about why they were installed. However, pre-school teacher Jasmine Lee says that these may not serve their purpose at first because people are still unfamiliar with them. Tourist KarntidaRattayapichat agrees with her, saying that this is a good idea coming from the Singapore government as it can help increase safety but it will take some time for people to get used to the LED strips.

Similar lights have already been installed at the Orchard Road and Buyong Road.

It can’t be denied, LED technology is invading the market. People can now see them splashed everywhere. Homeowners for one won’t have second thoughts buying products like that of an LED strip lighting kit.