Even World Presidents Wear Spy Earpieces

It is no secret that former US President Obama wears spy earpieces.There have been several photographs showing him wearing a clear-colored ear device during functions. According to reports, the earpiece which is often placed on this left ear is either a Bluetooth or a high end wireless ear bud. Most earpieces are clear but when used for clandestine applications, they are usually flesh colored to blend with the skin.

Even the current president of the US uses an earpiece that is a lot smaller than what his counterparts use. If you zoom in, you will see the device which is likely being used for translation during a conference with other world leaders. Meanwhile, the British Prime Minister Theresa May seems to opt for very tiny spy earpieces. More often than not, the tiny earpiece is not visible and it only becomes apparent when you see that wire hanging from the device.

In 2007, a photograph shows former President George Bush wearing a smaller earpiece which is in contrast to the larger headsets photographed in 2001 and 2004. He may not have much choice because earlier in his presidency, tiny earpieces that are hardly discernable have not yet been developed.

In 1990, attempts at earpieces were somewhat goofy-looking as you can see from photographs of Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev during a meeting with President Bush. It looks like a device that is closely associated to doctors. However, he did not endure the headphones of the Reagan era. A photograph shows President Reagan listening to translations with a vintage earpiece that looks like a can during a North-South Summit in Cancun, Mexico in 1981.

US President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin are expected to meet in July. It is the perfect time to watch out whether they are going to wear earpieces during their meeting.

If you are businessman or a lecturer, you can receive the necessary real time prompts from your assistant through spy earpieces instead of trying to fill your head with data. The earpiece will prevent embarrassing situations where you cannot provide an answer to an important question. The earpiece will make you look confident in front of an audience.