What You Need To Know Before Installing Electric Fence Energisers

An electrical fence Energisers helps in the conversion of battery power into a high voltage pulse. The release of the pulse in an insulated fence line about every second is done with the help of the energiser. A Pulse also called shock is perfectly felt by the animals that move closer to the electrified fence. The electric fence circuit is completed when an animal contacts the electrified fence. At this point, the animal has the tendency to receive a shock. Stopping animals from going close to an electric fence is a challenge of the psychological aspect, it’s far different from a physical aspect. So, for the animal to have the ability to refrain from the electrified fence, the animal must be trained. Although, the pains the animal feels are short term and does not physically harm the animal.

Reasons for Choosing Electric Fence Energisers

  • Low cost: it requires lesser maintenance, materials and labour.
  • Longer life: pressure is physically reduced
  • Easily constructed: the materials are fewer and lighter
  • Existing fences are improved: by adding 2 or more electrified wires in the conventional fence, the life is improved and extended
  • Damage to stock are less: this helps in reducing the injury to the stock because the fence causes no damage physically.

Tips for buying an energiser

  1. Capacity to carry out the job
  2. Provision of a guarantee by the maker
  3. It should be affordable
  4. Compatible joule rating
  5. Presence of state circuitry hooked up with modular services.

Precautions in Selecting Electric Fence Energisers

  1. Don’t skimp on the rate of the joule
  2. Make sure to go around the system successfully
  3. Make sure you don’t purchase on price alone.


It should be noted, however, that electric fence Energisers are systems designed for animals. The number of joules you will need depends on the length of the fence, the number of electrified wire and severed conditions. Generally, you will need a rate of 1 joule for an energiser for every 6 miles of wire you want to electrify. For example, for 12 miles of electric wire, 2 joules is should be rated for the energiser.