Seven Top Tourist Attractions In Yangon

Yangon is a beautiful city in Myanmar. It is also known as Rangoon and is one of the important cities of the country. The city does not attract a lot of tourists but has many must visit places which portray the rich cultural heritage of Myanmar.

Tourists can stay at the luxury hotels or apartments in Yangon, which offer world class amenities at reasonable prices. Here are some important must visit tourist attractions in the city to plan your itinerary to Yangon.

  1. Shwedagon pagoda

This is a huge temple in Yangon and is visible from many locations in the city. The monumental Buddhist pagoda was constructed around fifteen hundred years ago. The sacred temple of Buddhists is believed to contain the relics of the previous four Buddha.

  1. Sule pagoda

This is an ancient pagoda in Yangon. The locals believe it was constructed before the Shwedagon pagoda and is nearly two thousand years old. This is not a tourist attraction and hence is not crowded. The locals pray here, visit the Sule pagoda to get In touch with the local way of life.

  1. Night market

Visit the night market on the MahaBandula road to taste the local cuisine and enjoy traditional Burmese beer. MahaBandula road is the main road in the city that leads to the Sule pagoda. Book your stay at the luxurious apartments in Yangon and enjoy the local cuisine of Burma in the night market.

  1. Yangon zoo

This zoo is nearly a hundred years old and has a number of animals like hippos and rhinos. Tourists can hand feed the animals but they have to be very careful as there is no one to protect the tourists in case of accidents.

  1. Kandawgyi lake

The lake is one of the biggest lakes in the city and is surrounded by Nature Park. The Great Royal Lake is close to the Shwedagon Pagoda and Yangon zoo.

  1. China town

This area is for the foodie travellers. China town has a number of restaurants and bars offering food and drinks at cheap prices. The Sule pagoda and night market are situated in the China town area.

  1. Bogyoke Aung San Market

This is a local market to buy cheap clothes and other souvenirs. Bargain hard with the sellers as they quote high prices for tourists. Visitors to Yangon can stay at the luxurious apartments in Yangon and explore the beautiful city at their own pace.