The United States Presidential “Beasts”

Bellagio Limousines are considered luxury cars that are hired for transportation during weddings, special events and surprise romantic packages. The stretch limousine is typically driven by a chauffeur that is chosen for his warm, friendly and professional disposition. Bellagio Limousines are designed to give the passenger extreme comfort and a significantly good experience.

While many limousines are owned by private individuals, there are those owned by the government for the transport of its senior politicians, executives, guests and perhaps the President of the United States. Are there limousines for the exclusive use of President Obama?

Two weeks ago, two US presidential limousines were spotted being fueled at Shell Westview in Westlands, Nairobi. The two specially-built limousines for the president are called the Beast. The two limousines were built to be exactly like the other so that it can serve as a decoy. There are also 12 others that have been built in a way and they can be used as the Beasts when the need arises.
This Beast is a Cadillac One in model and was built by General Motors according to the custom made specifications that have been provided by the Secret Service. The limousine is made from steel, aluminum, titanium and ceramic that are resistant to mine, bomb or grenade attack. A steel plate runs underneath the limo with tires that are puncture resistant.

In case there is an explosion, the Beast can continue to cruise at high speed for kilometers using its steel rims. The cabin of the limousine is permanently sealed with air conditioning to protect the president in case of a chemical attack. The president does not have the luxury of opening the windows of the Beast even if he wants to greet people along the streets.

There is only one car window that opens by only 3 inches and it is that of the driver. All the windows are bullet-proof using technology that is top secret. Security is extremely tight when there is a presidential motorcade. There are advance cars with the blue strip and sirens equipped with bomb detection and detonation gear including the capabilities to disable enemy communication systems.