Students Seeking Academic Assistance Receives Help Through UTPT

Toronto, Canada — Students from the University of Toronto who are experiencing difficulties with their studies now have a chance to improve with their grades through the University of Toronto Peer Tutoring or UTPT.

With fourth year student Ola Michalec acting as president, the UTPT aims to help undergraduates and students who have had trouble with their academic performance by offering free peer tutorial services given by fellow undergraduates.

Michalec describes UTPT as “for the students, by the students.”

When asked to give an outline of the program’s system, one would find that it is not just a simple study group. Before a student can be subjected to an effective tutoring session, he or she is first required to create an online profile by accessing the internet and UTPT’s personal website.

After completing the profile, the student will be asked to sign a waiver and an agreement form. After that, the executive officer of the club would activate the profile as a sign of completion. The student will be able to choose different courses as listed on the website. Through it, they would be able to choose a tutor as well as set up a schedule for the tutoring session and its location.

Michalec says that it is their goal to further expand the program, which currently caters to the key first and second years of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences department. The further expansions would allow them to add a few more programs to help more students.

Right now, UTPT currently has active members amounting up to 400 in number. UTPT was founded 11 years ago by a group of students. It started as an initiative by the students but formally began when they approached a faculty member.

To become a tutor for UTPT, a student must first undergo a process of interview so that the club’s executive can make sure that they are qualified to provide tutoring services to other students. The student must at least achieve a final grade of 80 percent or higher in the course before they are considered legible. Normally, applicants would be asked a series of questions including their motivation for joining the program.

The services given by the UPTP are accessible to every student in need.