President Obama is Determined to Finish Strong

Last week, President Barack Obama addressed the people of America through the State of the Union.

The President started his speech by highlighting the series of breakthroughs that the administration had achieved. The unemployment rate of the US was in its lowest so far and more families got better health and insurance services. The president also stated that he had a successful campaign of the lowered number of US troops in foreign soil. In this part of the speech, the majority Republican Congress were impassive.

In Obama’s State of the Union address, he asserted that US has already passed through the stage of crisis and that the nation is cohesive in trudging the road of prosperity.

President Obama’s mission

In the last remaining years of his term, the President presented ambitious agenda for the nation. He was grateful to the people belonging in the middle class of society that helped the nation get back on its track when it almost swayed towards what would be a disastrous economic fallout. He stressed out that he will give back to them. He asked that the workers in America be accorded with mandatory paid maternity and sickness leave. He looked to the Congress and asked the body to approve the equal pay bill that would make the wages of both female and male employees equal. In his agenda, he also underscored the need to increase the taxes of the wealthy people in America. He once again asked the Congress to lobby a bill that will grant the young Americans free community college.

The upcoming agenda of the President for the nation is seen by many as aggressive and a difficult feat. The president spoke with great conviction and he is determined to finish strong and take the constituents of America to much greener pastures.

Policies of the president

During Obama’s reign, businesses from various sectors are gaining momentum especially those that have made use of the internet as a way of marketing their products. Take for example TV Store Online. This online retail business enjoys the wide market that it caters to by being online. With the president backing up the latest technological innovations, more businesses are thriving and the economy has never been better.