President Obama’s Call For Alaska’s Wildlife Preservation

President Barack Obama announce to the media of his plan to conserve and safeguard Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The pronouncement was made on Sunday. His plan of wildlife preservation would mean that Congress would have to approve the designation of approximately 12 million acres as a wildlife sanctuary. The wide stretch of land would potentially include the oil rich Coastal Plan of Alaska.

The impact of the President’s decision

If President Obama’s plan would be supported by Congress and would be enacted upon, this would mean that oil exploration in that part of the country would be stopped. This is great news to environmentalists and advocates of Mother Earth. The area is teeming with thriving wildlife. The growing structures and explorations conducted in the place have greatly affected its ecosystem. Stopping this environmental destruction will preserve wildlife so that the next generation could enjoy nature’s bounty.

Looking at this from another perspective, this development would create a great impact on the nation’s economy. Oil is one of the basic commodities in the market. It is a gem that many would battle for. Having huge oil reserves and being able to harness this efficiently would lead a nation on its walk to greener pastures. The USA is blessed with having the supply of oil in Alaska.

Efficiently exploring for oil in that region would rake in millions of dollars which will greatly improve the nation’s economy.

Politicians in spotlight

This decision of the president will not be carried over unless the Congress approves of it. The Congress is comprised mostly of Republicans and they have expressed their negative sentiments over the President’s pronouncements. It is expected that the commander’s decision will face a tough battle in Congress.

The White House’s 1-minute video

President Barack Obama announced the plan in a one minute video taken from the White House. He underscores the unadulterated and undisturbed wildlife in Alaska’s National Wildlife refuge. He further said that the landscape supports the population of caribou, polar bears, marine life and different species of birds. These animals are a staple support to the native Alaskans in the area. Ones approved, this move to conserve the area will be the largest preservation in the country.