President Obama Reminding Citizens Of The Heat Wave

You may not be the only person in the central United States who has experienced the heat wave that is currently visiting the country but it has also caught the attention of the chief executive of the country. According to a tweet that was posted by President Obama, the map shows just how much the heat wave is affecting the country. He also urged the people to stay safe, to stay hydrated, keep away from the sun and also to make sure they check on their neighbors.

Along with the tweet of President Obama is a map that displays the expected heat index levels for that same day which was then sent to its more than nine million followers. The heat index is used to measure how hot the air is to skin with factors to consider such as the air temperature as well as the humidity. The levels that was shown on the said map is not good and it shows just how hot and humid the weather is developing and affecting the majority of the eastern part of the nation.

With levels such as those, there is a higher risk for heat related sickness and even fatality. People who are more prone to these are older adults that are living in solitude and those that don’t have an air conditioning unit inside the house. Heat is the top on the list when it comes to deaths caused by weather condition in the United States.

The hot weather that was shown on the map started only last week when high temperatures almost 100 degrees began to reach the Canadian border. The heat wave further expanded and reached the Midwest. There is now high alert of heat warnings and advices concerning the central part of the United States from northern Louisiana to the northern part of Minnesota. Weather maps play a very important role especially in times like this in order to let the people know of the gravity of the situation. This is opposite to what illustrated maps offer which is more on details and creativeness channeled by the artists.