Phuket More Than A Party Island

The Obamas are known for their family holidays while still in the office. The former president, Barrack Obama would have preferred a family resort in Phuket if they were to visit. Now that he is back as a regular citizen, he and Michelle have more time to relax and unwind. For many tourists, Phuket is known as a party island and many come to visit mainly for the cheap cocktails and the nightclubs. The fact is that there is more to Phuket than being just a party island.

There are beautiful beaches all over Phuket but tourists tend to flock in Patong Beach while ignoring the more peaceful Kata Beach. It does not have a lot of crowd but there are many options for diners and bars. Visitors can have Thai cuisine served by Nom but the price is very cheap. Water sports are also available in the area for adventurous beach-goers. If you happen to visit on a Thursday, a local market is open for souvenir buying.

If you love Thai cuisine, you can take a day worth of cooking class at the Boathouse. The chef will teach you how to make classic Thai dishes such as Pad Mee Sapam. Aside from the class, you will also bring home Thai recipes to practice your cooking skills.

There is another secluded beach in Phuket worth visiting, Nai Yang Beach. It is only ten minutes away from the airport and it is recommended for those planning to do water sports. There is also yoga on the beach offered at a local resort. If you are to stay at the hotel there, complementary yoga classes are offered to beginners. From there, one will be able to get a good view of the Siranath National Park.

There are many bars located on the beach front area and these are the perfect places to hangout in you plan to catch the sunset. The restaurant called The Big Fish is located in the beach front and offers Western menu as well as Thai specialties. If you are bringing kids, make sure to choose a family resort in Phuket because they have activities suitable for the youngsters.