What Keeps Barack Obama Busy After Leaving Oval Office

It was January 20 when former president Barack Obama left the White House and Donald Trump took over. After that, there is very little news about the former president but it does not mean that he is just staying put at their residence in Washington D.C. Everywhere in the world people are busy with their lives such as processing to rent a London flat and the Obamas are quite busy as well. In fact, the couple has released their memoirs and both earned around $60 million in royalties. Aside from this news, there are a few that the media has managed to capture.

First is the couple’s travel all over the world upon leaving the White House. They went to at least three continents and visited about nine countries. Their first stop was the Necker Island which is an exclusive island located near the British Virgin Islands. It is owned by Richard Branson, a British entrepreneur who is a good friend of the couple. This is where the former president was photographed as he tried kitesurfing. They also visited a luxury resort located in the French Polynesia and went to Tuscany and Milan in Italy. Obama flew to London to visit Prince Harry, a good friend and the entire family went to Indonesia as they explored Yogyakarta, Bali and Central Java.

Aside from traveling the world, Obama gave speeches to various events. The first one after leaving the office was in April at an event held in Chicago. His audience was composed of young leaders studying at the University of Chicago. Before September ends, he gave a speech at the fundraising ceremony hosted by the Beau Biden foundation. Critics were also quick to point out that Obama has accepted payments for nine of the speeches he gave in 2017.

Obama also revealed a plan at the beginning of May and revealed about a future project in Chicago called Obama Presidential Center which will have a museum, auditorium, library, forum building together with a restaurant and a public garden. His plans only proved that he did not remain idle after the presidency and along with people busy searching to rent a London flat, he is also leading a normal and busy life for a working person.