Obamas’ Home In DC Equipped With High-Tech Security Systems

It has been six months since the former president of the United States, Barack Obama, along with his wife and daughters, moved to their new home in DC. Obama left the Oval Office in January of this year to give way to the new president, Donald Trump. Before their move, the house has undergone a renovation in order to improve the previous home alarm systems as well as to renovate the garage and refurbish as a home office.

The house is located in Kalorama and it is worth $5.3 million. The Obama couple’s new home is found in a neighborhood in Washington DC where it is considered as the most elegant. The reason why they chose to move there is because they wanted their daughter, Sasha Obama who is 15 years old, to finish her high school. She is still enrolled at the Sidwell Friends School.

In a construction permit made for the house, it was revealed that the electrical system has been improved and one of the staircases now has a cat walk.

A month before their move, it was witnessed that contractors were busy at work at the site of the house along with equipment such as an excavator and a dumpster. They also have a tent placed outside of the house.

The stately home can be viewed just off the street but there are Secret Service that were guarding the entire property and the home alarm systems as well as security system of the house has been improved and installed.

The contractors were also able to transform the garage of the house into a home office along with a new bathroom. This is not the only office in the house because sources revealed that another one already exist upstairs which means that the couple are busy even after leaving the White House.

The couple are expected to be signing book contracts soon with a combined worth of between $20 and $45 million. Michelle is also determined the work she has started in empowering women.

The couple was able to enjoy a lot of time travelling and relaxing after leaving the Oval Office knowing full well that their house is secured with state-of-the-arts home alarm systems.