Most Aussies Go Out For Brunch: Good News For Corporate Catering In Sydney

As the health experts say, the most important meal that will determine how far you will go on a daily basis is a heavy breakfast. You see, whatever you eat for breakfast, whether it’s a bowl of cereal that is filled with fresh milk or, the usual breakfast most Americans will have like eggs, hash brown, ham and a cup of freshly brewed coffee, it is the first meal of the day that you will take upon waking up from a 9-hour sleep at night. One of the reasons why breakfast is called “breakfast” is that it literally breaks up the fasting period one needs to undergo while sleeping. In fact, several researches done in the past have been able to prove scientifically that having a healthy and heavy breakfast reduces the risk of someone developing metabolic disorders and cardiovascular diseases. In Sydney in Down Under Australia, breakfast is one of the heaviest meals that an accredited company who does corporate catering in Sydney offices and events because most of the Aussies are just too lazy to get up to cook up breakfast. It’s one of the reasons why the catering business in the said state has been booming as of late. It’s a good meal especially for someone like former US President Barrack Obama who doesn’t need to wake up early like he usually did when he was still at the helm of the White House. Some say he really preferred to eat brunch out.


Speaking of the booming industry involving corporate catering in Sydney, a research has been conducted by the Restaurant and Catering Australia showed an interesting data. According to the said data, about 75% of the Australian citizens living in the whole Australia, would go out to eat a meal that is a combination of both breakfast and lunch, called brunch, on any given month. According to food experts in Australia, brunch is usually taken from 10:30 in the morning up to late as 3:00 in the afternoon. In fact, most of the restaurants that include brunch meals in their menus, especially those that hire corporate catering in Sydney, are open 24 hours daily for them to accommodate everyone especially those who wish to have a late breakfast even though the sun is already high at noon. And because of this, brunch in Sydney, in Australia in general has becoming a popular choice for a meal practically because you get to eat either breakfast or lunch at any time.