How Important Beds Are

Beds are very important. Along with the armchair, driving seat and office chair, there are not many furniture that you will be spending more of your time in your life. In fact, you can even fairly predict that you will spend a third of your life in bed. As one prominent figure noted, there are pretty significant events in life that occur in bed: birth, death and the rest in between. It is therefore essential that you put a great thought when thinking of buying a new bed.

In the UK alone, there are over 4 million beds sold every year and the bed sales in the country accounts for about 1 billion pounds of the total furniture sales. Knowing this fact, you will therefore expect that the bed industry is regulated well with quality beds with the right prices in the market. Sadly though, the bed industry seems to be more of a frontier town when it comes to mature systems in place for buyers to compare and contrast furniture from suppliers. What is even more depressing is the continued resistance of retailers in accommodating customers. They usually persist in confusing buyers by using jargons that cannot be understood by the public and by fluctuating pricings.

Retailers and shops all over the world share this common problem. Even bed shops Perth is not exempted to this although there have been regulations placed into the system in order to monitor these kind of adverse activities. So far, the most popular bed type that about 35 percent of the customers purchase is the double divan. This bed has a mattress on top of base that is deep-sided. About 25 percent of all beds that are being sold are bedsteads. These are mattresses placed on metal slats and frames. There are other options in the market including bunk beds, futons, sofa beds, 70s stalwart and adjustable beds. However, it is usually the quality of the mattress that buyers take into consideration first since this will determine the comfort of their sleeping time. Choosing the right mattress will affect how you will sleep for the next 10 to fifteen years.