Gin-Scented Bondi Hair Products Now Available

Our hair and scalp are like Batman and Robin in the DC Comics. They are partners in almost everything. You see, the human hair continues to grow even if we regular have our haircuts every 3 months or so. The reason for this continuous growth is the hair is the one that is filtering everything that is about to touch the scalp. And, when we talk about the human scalp, it serves as the primary line of defence of the human brain so whatever chemicals that touch the human scalp and their hair, they’re likely to have an effect on the brain, no matter how big or small that effect may be. That’s why it’s important when we are having our hair done by Bondi hair specialists in Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia for example, you, as a responsible and a health conscious consumer, have to make sure that the hair specialist whom you are leaving the fate of your hair to, is a trained and licensed hair specialist to begin with. In addition to this, the salon where you are having your hair done for a wedding for example, must be sanitized inside and out and, all of the hair-related tools and equipment must be internationally-accepted, meaning that they have met the safety standards set by the state.


Nowadays, there are new Bondi hair products that currently making noise in the industry in Sydney in Down Under Australia. Mikey Enright, a vastly recognized bartender and gin expert and, the brains behind Sydney’s “The Barber Shop”, has finally come up with his own line up of grooming products. The difference between Enright’s grooming products and the rest is this: all of the grooming products that are now part of the new “Original Gin” line-up are infused with gin, of course. This is owing to the fact that Enright was inspired by him working alongside some of the barbers at “The Barber Shop” which is primarily a cocktail bar that has a traditional kind of barber shop attached on its side. All of Enright’s grooming products are made from high quality natural materials and are non-petroleum.