Digital Ad Spending Ranks First In Estimates

Even if Donald Trump spent 35% lesser than Mitt Romney in campaign advertising, 2016 was still a banner year in terms of political marketing.

Political ad spending in 2016

Political ad spending got to almost $10 billion even if Trump dropped $340 million lesser compared to his forerunner GOP nominee. Meanwhile, Clinton’s campaign spent $1.1 billion in ads, roughly a similar number with Obama in 2012.

This is based from a recent report coming from Borrell Associates, which projected that digital got a 789% growth in spending from 2012.

Borrell Associates, which is a firm that tracks and predicts ad spending, mentioned that a sum of $1.415 billion was paid for online advertising done by local, state and national campaigns during the cycle.

This is a contrast to what several consultants predicted as a sub-billion sum in 2016. However, this is close to what the firm projected. Last December, Gordon Borrell projected $1.3 billion for the digital spend.

The accelerating influence of digital ads

He said that a candidate can win without the need to spend a large amount on television.

Jordan Lieberman, who questioned the estimates of Borrell, mentioned that the numbers indicate that digital advertising is increasing fast.

Lieberman told C&E that the report in the shift to digital market share is becoming more profound, with digital addressability improving ROI.

The question regarding political firms benefiting from this shift is still unknown. As an example, Borrell predicted that $2 in every $5 went to social media, with Facebook on top.

Digital shops that increased their employees because of spending anticipation, such as Quantcast, Targeted Victory and Rocketfuel, did not cross their goals since a greater part of the ad budgets went to Facebook, Google and Twitter.

Borrell’s analyst said that there is really a challenge for the campaign centered digital firms because there are multiple options for campaigns and causes.


With political campaigns, calculating the success of a marketing endeavor or campaign is easy since winning is its utmost goal. For other companies and brand, a marketing ROI calculator helps to determine the potential success of marketing methods initiated.