Obama And The Discipline Of Optimism

For Mary Schmich from the Chicago Tribune, there are going to be many people who will miss the voice of Barack Obama. For her, what people are going to miss is his words, the words that helped them believe that work, courage, generosity and humility can make the United States better for every kind of people.

She thinks that Obama’s last presidential speech is going to summon people to think about “the discipline of optimism.”

The discipline of optimism

Schmich mentioned that during Obama’s time in office, he continually preached about hope, but during the past years, it is “the discipline of optimism” that comes to her mind when he speaks.

Twenty children, including six adults, were shot to their deaths at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. Nine black parishioners were gunned down in Charleston, South Carolina church by a white man. Five police enforcers were shot to their deaths in Dallas by a black man. Forty-nine people in an Orlando gay club were shot to their deaths by a man claiming his allegiance to the Islamic terrorists.

After every atrocity, Obama was called upon to find the proper words, and in each of the time, aside from his call for justice and his anger, he called upon the people for optimism.

For Schmich, optimism is different from hope. For her, optimism is difficult; it takes work; it demands focus; it is a habit of the mind, and the same with every habit, it is hard to cultivate, but it is easy to lose.

She added that optimism is continually tested every day, and this is where discipline comes in.

The discipline of optimism entails one to believe, with a focused effort, that things are going to be better even if the times are unfavourable, according to Schmich.

For Schmich, optimism is a great parting gift from Obama to people.


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