Adobe Contributes 300 Million Dollars To Obama: More Illustrator Training In Melbourne

Founded by John Warnock and Charles Geschke, Adobe Systems Incorporated or simply known as Adobe, has grown into a multinational company which has been specializing in primarily providing the best computer software- mostly for animators and photographers. Back in 2016, the total revenue of the company rose to 4.795 billion dollars and it provides employment to over 15,000 employees in its San Jose headquarter as of the 4th quarter of 2016. Aside from providing the world with its best computer software that can be used to edit our photos, Adobe also provides various training paraphernalia- Illustrator training in Melbourne, Australia for example, in aide of allowing more people to properly learn and maximize the use of their software for their chosen career paths, especially animators and photographers.  For starters, the Adobe Illustrator is a software which allow users to edit vector graphics.


Back in 2014, Adobe, as a multi-billion company, contributed a whopping 300 million US Dollars to then, US President Barrack Obama’s “ConnectED Initiative”. This was the company’s response to the challenge made by Obama to bring technology education and teacher training to American schools around the world. This huge commitment made by the company was consisting of software for the use of both students and teachers alike, complimentary access given to both students and teachers to various Adobe software and of course, training courses which include Illustrator training in Melbourne-based American students who are studying in American schools in Australia. In addition to this, the 300 million US Dollar-commitment also included various a wide variety of training resources that are specifically made for teachers- resources which come from Adobe’s Education Exchange program and Adobe Youth Voices initiative. The said commitment made by Adobe was aligned with the Common Core State Standards Initiative. This particular initiative made recommendations that the media skills shall always be integrated throughout the core curricula. According to the officials at the White House back then, the contribution made by Adobe was said to be the biggest contribution then President Obama has received for his initiative and in fact, it brought up the total collective donations made by the private sector alone to 1 billion US dollars.