4 Major Advantages Of Glass Balustrades

Nowadays, architects and home designers have changed the way they present and use balustrades in their projects. When balustrades used to be made of wood and decorative posts, these days, glass balustrades are preferred by most contemporary home owners because of its impressive features. Here are some of the reasons for its popularity.


At the top of the list is durability. Glass balustrades are made of tempered safety glass that is difficult to break. Home owners prefer glass for their balustrades because of its sturdy quality. This way, you will not be too concerned about getting your pets or children in accidents and have the glass break into shards because you can rely on the quality and durability of glass balustrades.  You can use them on your staircase, pool fencing, balconies and other areas in the house that require added protection.


Another advantage of using glass for balustrades is that the material is see-through so no view is ever blocked even if you have it. If you use glass balustrade for you balcony, you can still enjoy the outdoor view even if you have it as your balcony fence. It is important for people to look at their surroundings and enjoy the view while they are in pools, beaches, gardens or entertainment areas.

Contemporary appeal

Glass balustrades are very attractive. It makes the area look modern and hip with its contemporary design. Glass also makes the area bigger and wider because of its see though property. Mix your glass balustrade with other modern interior decorations and you can be sure your area will look elegant and fashionable place for you to stay.

Low maintenance

Another excellent feature of glass balustrades is that they are easy to maintain. You don’t need special solutions or major labour requirement to keep it clean and appealing. You can even use glass cleaners found in supermarkets to clean your glass balustrades along with clean washcloth. Have your glass balustrades cleaned on a regular basis such as every weekend or when the situation calls for it to avoid grime.