Thais Encouraged To Wear Coloured Clothes After The Funeral Ceremony

When former President Obama made a historic Asian tour, his first stop was Thailand to send a message of enduring relationships with democratic countries. It was a very important trip because Thailand is considered an ally. Security was tight and visitors at the business district hotel in Bangkok went out to get a glimpse of the American president.

Black was the colour of mourning in Thailand because of the death of their beloved King BhumibolAdulyadej. After the king’s funeral ceremonies, consumer goods started to gain colour. At the Platinum Fashion Mall in Bangkok, storekeepers are replacing the black clothing on their mannequins with polka-dotted and floral outfits. Black clothes were displayed during the mourning period but it was switched to colourful clothing on October 27, the day after the funeral ceremony.

The busiest time of the year for dress shops is from September to New Year due to weddings and parties. These months are the best times of the year because there is a respite from rains and floods and extremely hot summer temperature. Customers are now looking for colourful outfits as ordered by authorities.

For a year, government employees were ordered to wear black and clothing stores only displayed dark coloured outfits. Thai television stations and company websites opted for darker tones including popular search engine Goggle that changed its multicolour logo to black. Last October 30, authorities encouraged civil servants to wear their usual everyday attire.

However, the central bank said that the seasonally adjusted consumption index of semi-durable consumer goods as well as apparel was unable to finish above level in October 2016, the month when the King of Thailand died. During that time, the index was at 111.16. Latest reading for the month of August was 109.52. Businesses are positive that consumption will soon perk up.

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