President Obama’s Home In Chicago

Chicago is a place that is close to the heart of President Barack Obama. He calls this as his adopted hometown. It was in Chicago that he started gaining positive strides in his stint in the political arena by gaining political bona fides in the city. He started his precious family in Chicago and the city was in full support in his dreams towards conquering the White House. The country’s most powerful man owns a house near the East Hyde Park Boulevard. The home designs are classy, sophisticated and at the same time evokes a nostalgic feeling.

You can see the Obama house by walking through the south side of the East Hyde Park Boulevard. The north side is restricted and has a constant patrol of secret service agents so it will be difficult to get a glimpse of the house from that location.

Before moving into the house in 2005, the first family lived in a condo located at 5450 East View Avenue. They bought the renovated mansion for $1.65 million in 2005. This was after the then senator Obama signed his book contracts with Alfred Knopf and Crown Publishers. The first lady, Michelle Obama took full charge responsibility in the mansion’s home designs enlisting the help of renowned interior designers.

In other locations of the city, there are sites considered important to the daily routine of the president. Situated on the North side of his home is an array of his favorite restaurants in the city. One of these is the Valois Restaurant. The sign outside the restaurant uniquely accentuates what it brings to its customers: See Your Food. The food is displayed on a smorgasbord which means that you will not be waving to a waiter to take your order. Instead, you have to grab a plastic tray, line up, pick your food and order anything that appeals to you. In this restaurant, you can spend as little as $10 per person and get a hearty meal.

If you want to visit the abode of President Barack Obama in Chicago, make sure that you get the best route. It is recommended that you take the Lake Shore Drive and then take an exit at 47th Street.