How To Choose The Right Cremation Urns

After the cremation, the family of the deceased would collect the ashes for them to carry out the wishes of the deceased or the family. At this point, one of the most important item is the cremation urns where the ashes of your loved one would be placed. When shopping for a cremation urn, consider these ideas in order to get the perfect urn for your dearly departed.

  • Urns come in different sizes. Find out what is the size of your needed urn. If you are not sure, you can ask the crematorium for suggestions. An average human ash weighs around 3 to 7 pounds which would normally require a 180-220 cubic inch urn to contain the ashes. If you intend to keep the urn in a columbarium, inquire for the size and type allowed by the authorities.
  • You can find several types of cremation urns. There are variedurn designs, sizes, colors, and materials for you to choose from. There are also various ways to use the urn. For instance, if you intend to keep the urn inside your house, pick a high quality urn with elegant design. If you plan to bury the ashes together with the urn, choose the biodegradable type so it will decompose naturally on its own.
  • Pick the right design for the cremation urn. There are urns that are designed for couples and they are called companion urns. There are also small urns for small children and infants. You can also find cremation urns with themes to suit the personality of the deceased. With a little research, you will find urns that are designed to imply religiosity, sports, environmental and various other themes.
  • Those who intend to scatter the ashes of their loved ones would usually keep some ashes in a small token urn. If you are going to buy a token urn, pick the type that is made of high quality materials so you can keep a part of your loved one’s ashes for long.
  • When shopping for cremation urns, take into consideration where you intend to place it. A wooden urn would be suitable for indoors keeping while a brass urn is not advisable to be buried.