Bringing You The Latest Stories With Amanpour

There are hundreds of televisions shows that you could choose from. You could have your pick from real housewives show or to HBO’s game of thrones series depicting the struggle for power or you could update yourself with the latest happenings in the world through international news channels.

The CNN is one of the broadcasting networks that is known for its global up to date news. It also features different segments in its show which ranges from world news, business news, sports news, and entertainment news.

One particular segment that sparks interest to viewers is Amanpour.


The Amanpour segment is hosted by CNN correspondent Christiane Amanpour. It is CNN’s international global affair interview program. It gives you first hand interview with leaders and ordinary people from around the globe. It also features actual footages of video in war torn regions. The program informs its viewers about the situation of people from different parts of the globe. Different issues and topics are discussed ranging from political, social, people’s reactions to news and the day to day struggle of ordinary people.

Interview with Peter Greste’s parents

Recently, the Latvian-Australian journalist Peter Greste was released from the Egyptian jail where he served a one year sentence. The Al Jazeera reporter was accused of working with the sanctioned Muslim Brotherhood. He was among the three reporters that were detained following the overthrow of Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi in 2013.

Peter’s parents could not keep their excitement during the interview. They were all smiles and were ecstatic when they received an email that their son was released, will be deported to Cyprus and will be coming home.

Damaged Ukrainian airport

In one of the latest videos uploaded, an international CNN correspondent went into a damaged Ukrainian airport. You could hear gunshots fired and several explosions in the background of the video. The footage showed the heavily damaged Ukrainian airport and the correspondent narrated the continuing siege for territorial control between Ukraine and Russia.

The video uploaded in the website showed an authentic scene from a war torn region. You could just imagine the fear that seized the inhabitants in Ukraine. Because of the unending combat between the two nations, their people, structures and economy suffered immensely.