Beware Of Scam Remote Technicians Online

For former US President Barack Obama, post-presidency is not only about hosting leadership summits or talking to Wall Street executives. Last September, he “gate crashed” a conference of 1,000 students, educators and advocates to talk about the importance of coding. According to Obama, young people are inundated with technology and he wants them to be producers not only consumers. Computer science as well as computer repairs in Perth are not optional skills; they are basic skills.

Consumers who have the basic skills to repair their computers do not need remote technicians online, a recent alarming scam. According to the results of a study made by the Better Business Bureau, there is a growing number of remote tech support scams. Users who are facing crashed computers allow the technicians online access without realizing that they are being scammed.

The scams usually start with pop-up warnings informing the user that the computer is infected by malware or viruses. When a computer has crashed completely, it can lock up, issue piercing alarms or even mimic the “blue screen of death.” Apparently, the pop-up messages that appear come from reputable tech companies like Microsoft, HP, Apple or Dell. They offer assistance to fix the problem through a toll-free tech support number.

When the user calls the number, a technician will offer remote control of the computer to scan for issues and repair them. The repair fee is usually $500. Actually, the remote technician will not repair the computer; he will probably spend an hour looking for sensitive information and inserting malware to be able to monitor the user’s activities.

If there are pop-ads or email attachments claiming that the computer has a problem, do not respond. The tech scams are becoming more common. In fact, the FBI has received more than 41,000 complaints regarding tech scams for the first nine months of 2017.

If you are having trouble with the computer, your best option is computer repairs in Perth that will offer fast, onsite computer repair and maintenance. A technician will explain in simple English what the issue is, how it will be fixed and how the issue can be prevented from recurring in the future.