Barack Obama Currently Visiting Bali

Barack Obama, the former president of the United States is currently in Bali for a holiday. The couple has been going around the world to enjoy their new freedom after eight years in the White House. After Bali, the people of Thailand are hoping he will be able to pay them a visit and check out their modern hotel in Sukhumvit.

Obama arrived with his family and will stay on the resort island for a period of five days. The aircraft that carried the entire Obama family on Friday departed in Guam and arrived in Bali the same afternoon.

During the arrival of the aircraft that carried the president, the commander of Ngurah Rai Military Air Base, Col. I Wayan Superman said that they ensured that standard security measures are provided for the VVIP.

The airport was not closed off during the landing but Obama’s plane was given the top priority, according to Superman.
He added that there has been a coordination between him and the advance team in the United States but it was a request of the former president that he should not be given any special treatment for the said vacation.

Superman also clarified that the authorities in Indonesia made sure that other flights and passengers during Obama’s flight will not be impacted in any way.

Obama came to the island with Michelle Obama, his wife and their two daughters – Sasha and Malia. There were other Obama family members on the flight. He brought with him a number staff members from the special security.

Upon their arrival, they decided to head straight to the Four Seasons Resort Bali located at Sayan, Ubud. This is where the entire Obama family will stay during the vacation. The five-star hotel has a very nice view of the greeneries from the complex ad their restaurant also boasts of the Ayung River as the view. Here’s to hoping that the Obama family will visit the country of Thailand soon and stay in one of their modern hotel in Sukhumvit to experience the culture and cuisine of the capital. They will leave Bali after their five-day holiday.