Advantages Of Using Touch-Screen Monitors For Industrial PC

Automation in industrial sector have led to the use of industrial PC monitors to measure, monitor and control the process. Initially, the devices were controlled using switches but the increase in the complexity of data has led to the emergence of graphical screens. The screens were operated using keyboards and other pointing devices. But their poor reliability in industrial applications have led to the emergence of touch screen technology.

Some of the devices which use industrial PC monitor in Thailand with touch-screen technology are

  • Point of sale devices
  • Shopping mall information screens and other interactive display systems
  • ATM machines and other ticket issuing machines at public transport systems
  • Gaming arcade machines in theme parks and other public entertainment zones
  • Road transport applications
  • Marine applications
  • Aerospace applications
  • Applications involving industrial process control

Touch-screens on industrial PC monitor in Thailand are in use from the last forty years. But their higher costs restricted their use to expensive applications. But the advancements in technology have led to low cost alternatives in touch-screens, which increased their commercial and industrial applications.

Some of the advantages of industrial PC monitor in Thailand with touch screen are

  1. It is a simple interface. Users can be easily trained to control and monitor the industrial process using the on-screen menus. The ease of operation reduces the mistakes and improves safety and productivity in industrial uses.
  2. Since the touch screen does not have any moving parts, it is reliable and safe.
  3. The touch screen monitors are suitable for limited spaces such as the cockpit, pilot’s cockpit and vending machines.
  4. The use of touch-screens makes the systems multi-lingual easily. Since there are no keys or switches to paint, the systems can be easily made multi-lingual.
  5. Touch screen monitors are contamination resistant. They are resistant to dust, chemicals and weather conditions. These monitors also do not contaminate the surroundings and are suitable for food processing and silicon foundries.
  6. The system can be completely sealed if required.
  7. The industrial PC monitor with touch-screen is easily portable and can be used in hazardous industries like mining and petrochemicals.

There are a number of touch screen technologies available in the market and the industries should choose the right type of technology for the industrial PC monitor in Thailand to suit its operation.