What To Expect From A Microsoft Project Training

Anyone who has a computer would know the importance and the role Microsoft plays in our day to day life. Microsoft is not just essential in terms of Operating Systems and software, they are also applicable and useful in project management and implementation. This is the very reason why Microsoft Project training is given to managers and individuals who are involved in project management. If you are thinking about getting a Microsoft Project training, it is imperative for you to have an idea on what’s in store for you when you decide to take the short course. The short course is going to take 2 days and here is a glimpse of what you are going to get from the training.

  • Navigate the Microsoft Project interface
  • Manage tasks and add resources
  • Control and handle projects in an efficient manner with the use of timeframes
  • Add milestones and summary tasks
  • Provide and indicate work resources
  • Link projects and work on customized fields
  • Create a diagram for network
  • Handle and manage critical paths
  • Learn to analyse earned value
  • Come up with various project views
  • Utilize existing reports and create customize reports

When planning to take Microsoft Project training, do not take the course from just about the first service provider online. Be sure to take the course from a trusted online training provider to guarantee high quality learning worthy of your time and money. Look for an online training school which will give you access to a Learning Solutions Advisor to discuss what you will need for the training including a hands-on training provided by Microsoft Certified Trainers for who else can give you better training but those who went through the course.

You should also look for an online training centre that will allow you to access post-course helpdesk support service for up to 60 days. This way, you can revisit and review the online course and its content even after you are done with the certification.  Lastly, take Microsoft Project training from a provider that offers free course refresher within 6 months after taking the course.