What Lies Ahead For Citizen Obama?

At 55, President Obama will join the group of young ex-presidents that include Theodore Roosevelt, Ulysses Grant and Bill Clinton. Obama’s time as the leader of the free world is coming to an end but he is preparing for re-entry. After his departure from the White House, President Obama and his family will continue to stay in Washington so that his daughter Sasha can graduate from high school in 2019.

The Obama family will stay in Kalorama neighbourhood to become the first ever First Family to remain in Washington since Woodrow Wilson was president. The 45th president will lead the United States but since the 44th president will remain in Washington, everything he does will be closely chronicled, whether he is simply walking the family dogs, Bo and Sunny or addressing a group. Obama will remain busy with matters that involve climate change and immigration control.

Given the fact that Obama is very popular president, he will leave office with ratings that fall just shy of that of Bill Clinton, who left the White House during an economic boom. Ex-president Obama will have the potential to earn millions of dollars when he gets on the speaking circuit like his predecessors.  Since Obama is already a three-time author, everybody expects that he will soon write his memoirs that can rival Bill Clinton’s $15 million advance.

There are also persistent rumours that the ex-president being a law professor is open for a Supreme Court nomination but his 2014 statement has ruled out a seat on a high court. His return to civilian life will allow Obama to polish his legacy. He has already kick-started the Obama Foundation that will lead the construction of Obama library in Chicago. Obama’s longtime friend, Marty Nesbitt will be overseeing the organization together with the board that is composed of top donors and political advisers.

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