Trump Spent More On Furniture Compared To Obama

Government record reveals that administration under President Donald Trump has spent $1.75 million for the furniture to be used in the White House as well as the office that comes with it. In Australia, you will need to hire removals in Sydney in order to move all furniture amounting to this price tag.

It was included in the report that they purchased custom rugs for $17,000, furniture pedestals worth $7,000 and the wallpaper cost them $5,000. They also ordered a custom-made conference table from the same company that created the table used by Richard M. Nixon way back in 1969. According to the website of the company, Nixon paid the table out of his own pocket.

It is customary for new presidents to conduct redecoration thus the same thing happened in the White House this summer with significant changes made to the West Wing. The total cost that the current administration has spent for redecoration is more than what former president Barack Obama has spent which is almost $1.5 million. This is over the same period of time in his reign as president.

Obama took it upon himself to pay for some of the furniture with his own money. It is not revealed whether the current president did the same thing.

General Services Administration is the one assigned to track the spending. The amount was spend on redecorating the whole EOP or Executive Office of the President which covers the buildings next to it where thousands of employees are working for various organizations such as Office of Management and Budget and National Security Council.

The largest amount they have to spend was for a supplier of office walls worth $291,000. The walls were installed in the U.S. Trade Representative which is under EOP as well.

The procurement data is not entirely specific so there is no way of knowing where the furniture is going to be placed or how it is going to be utilized.

There is a receipt from office furniture manufacturer located in Virginia that White House paid $240,000 and the only detail included is wood office furniture manufacturing while a $25,000 receipt is charged for case good furniture. We can bet that a couple of removals in Sydney are intrigued to know the furniture that currently used in the White House.