The POTUS Office Makeover

The United States has changed presidents. January 2017 has passed and gone and the new President now resides in the White House, the Oval Office has its new owner. The Oval Office where President Obama used to have his meetings, President Trump has taken over. There are expected changes in the White House and even the aesthetics of each office within the walls. It would be as what the new President will want.

One of the items that have been thought of over which would be used is the office desk that the new POTUS will be using. There are some people who are wondering, what desk will he be using in his redecorated office. The following are the choices that some people have in mind:

  • The Roosevelt Desk– this is a colonial revival desk given to President Theodore Roosevelt in 1903. This was also used by seven other presidents with President Roosevelt included in the list. The desk is masculine yet elegant. It’s not showy, the new POTUS is showy. The odds are against this table.
  • The Hoover Desk– A desk with subtle angles, something leading to the Art Deco aesthetic that was the trend during those times. This is a rather heavy, sturdy, and utilitarian desk but this is not who Trump is.
  • The Johnson Desk– only one president used this desk and this was Lyndon B Johnson. This was his personal desk that he brought to the Oval office after he took over the presidency which is after the assassination of JFK. This is a simple desk so it is quite doubtful that the new POTUS will choose this.
  • The Wilson Desk– Quite a misnomer as Woodrow Wilson never used this desk. This is a part of the infamous desks as the Secret Services has installed recording devices in this desk to prove that Nixon is involved in the Watergate scandal. Not recommended to be the POTUS’ desk because of past history but then if Trump would want it, then he most probably will get it.
  • The C&O Desk– Simple and Classy. Not Trump’s style at all. Gold lines were seen. Makes you wonder though. This desk is still in for the run.
  • The Resolute Desk– This is the desk used by the outgoing POTUS, Barack Obama and most of the presidents. It is imposing and opulent. The odds say that this will be the desk that the new POTUS will choose. And he did so as per the last update.

The commercial office furniture around the prestigious estate will be changed accordingly with the Oval office having a major makeover.