The Obama’s – Life After 8 Years At The White House

The Harry Walker Agency was chosen by former president Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama to coordinate their speaking engagements. This is the same agency that represents another former US president, Bill Clinton. It looks like that the Obama’s are modelling their post-White House life after the Clintons when they decided to join the speaking circuit.

On the other hand, the Obama’s will be represented by attorneys Robert Barnett and Deneen Howell for contract negotiations regarding any potential book deals. Barnett used to represent the Clintons, George Bush and his wife Laura, Sarah Palin and Ted Kennedy to get their books published.

Former president Obama has two books to his name but for Michelle this will be the first time to take a pen to paper. You can also expect to see Michelle as guest judge in the next season of Masterchef Junior edition in line with her cause to teach nutrition to children. It is unclear when the Obama’s will begin with speaking engagements and when their books will be published.

In typical Biden fashion, the former vice president did not go on break but went straight to work on his new career. Joe Biden and his wife Jill has signed up as the new clients of Creative Artists Agency, one of the leading talent agencies in Hollywood. CAA has not announced any future projects that they would work with the Biden’s beyond amplifying their public policy initiatives. Among the clients of CAA are Jennifer Lawrence, Brad Pitt and Will Smith.

In a recent press release, Joe Biden said that he and his wife will remain to be dedicated in addressing critical issues. They believe that CAA shares their passion and values that is the core of their family’s goals. According to CAA president Richard Lovett, they are deeply honoured and happy to work with the Biden’s.

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