The Legacy That President Obama Will Leave The American People

Many US presidents managed to create a dent in history. One president was able to give freedom to four million slaves. Another was able to create national parks and forests that managed to make every American a rich inheritance of public land. A president who led America while in a wheelchair was able to crush the Nazis.

What legacy will Obama leave the American people? Obama will bequeath “the longest economic expansion and monthly job creation in US history.” Obama will soon leave the White House but surprisingly, he is everywhere. It seems that the former president is trying to ensure that Donald Trump will not take credit for the achievements. In fact, Trump may screw everything up by a trade war or a budget-busting tax cut.

Trump has not held a press conference ever since he was elected president. He has flirted with treason and has ignored the advice of seasoned public servants. He openly disregarded rules on conflict of interest and has bullied dissidents. Days passed without a word to the promise that he is going to reveal things that Americans are not aware off regarding Russia’s intervention of the election.

President Obama has issued almost 270 executive orders which are below the number of proclamations made by past presidents. One of the significant Obama orders includes protection for gays from discrimination in the government contracting system. Another order prohibited texting while driving for federal employees. There were also upgrades in the pay of federal employees earning less than their counterparts in the private sector.

President Obama will leave the White House with the highest job approval rating for the last 4 years. Most Americans like Obama and his policies but there are also those who dislike him. He will be leaving a much better off country and an office without a trace of any personal scandal.

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