The Latest Ultra-Super-Critical Boiler Technology Of South Korea

It was very unlikely for former President Obama to experience the severe cold of winter at the White House because his staff where diligent enough to call for boiler repairs when necessary. During the term of Obama, 5 efficiency standards were developed and covered an eclectic mix of products that included commercial boilers. Existing standards were upgraded to reduce harmful greenhouse emissions.

Competition in the power industry has become quite intense. This means that power companies must find the most economical process to produce power as it could make the difference between being dispatched or not. They have to make innovative products saleable because original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) are consistently improving their designs.

An example of a plant that is using the latest ultra-super-critical boiler technology is Samcheok Green Power Project in South Korea. The plant has four 550-MW circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boilers that provide power to two 1,100 MW generators. The unique low-temperature CFB combustion process is combined with the ultra-super-critical steam technology to offer a new plant efficiency of 42.2% lower heating value (LHV) and 38.8% higher heating value (HHV).

Low combustion temperatures can reduce emissions without compromising the plant’s ability to achieve ultra-super-critical steam conditions. The Samcheok plant in South Korea operates with steam temperature at 603oC (1,117oF) and superheated steam pressure of 257 bar (3,728psi).

Unlike convention coal technologies that require fuel to be finely ground and dried before it can be used in the furnace, CFB uses fuel that is coarsely crushed and dropped into the fuel chutes towards the ports located in the lower sections of the furnace. The wide fuel range being used by CFB also allows more flexibility in fuel procurement. The Samcheok plant makes use of high-moisture Indonesian coal and biomass as fuel for its units to save millions of dollars in fuel costs over the years.

It is inevitable for the heating system to require boiler repairs due to age or lack of proper maintenance. Competent boiler repair engineers that are Gas Safe certified are on call twenty-four hours a day so that you do not need to suffer from the cold. The boiler engineers will respond to heating emergencies promptly.