The Fate Of Properties Located Near Factory Cleanup Site

There are many factories in the country such as a zinc carbonate manufacturer but these factories could impact the prices of properties around them. This is the main concern of many homeowners who believe that their home could lose its value because of the existing factory nearby. This is why the former president, Barack Obama, required cabinet members to submit memos regarding their agency’s status and the EPA said that they are conducting Superfund cleanup on factories. The agency believes that the cleanup will increase the value of a property between 19 and 25 per cent.

This is in contradiction to a report made by Bloomberg regarding the decrease of property values due to Superfund cleanup which can reach up to 12 per cent.

Another study has shown that all Superfund sites are the same. It affects the values of the property but once cleanup has been conducted the impact is also disappears.

One of the ongoing issues is with what used to be the zinc factory of Matthiessen and Hegeler located in La Salle. It has been 25 years ago when the public started complaining about the contamination. Public reports have also been made by the media, the state agencies as well as the federal agencies. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the cleanup process will require major steps and these might have an effect on the values of the houses located in the affected area.

The EPA is going to perform soil sampling between the months of February and March to see if it is contaminated or not. If proven contaminated, existing soil will be replaced with clean one.

In the last two years, a number of residents have been questioning about the effect of the contamination on the value of their property. If so, this is not good news for those planning to sell their properties within the year because cleanup could last for years.

Experts have already expressed that not all zinc carbonate manufacturer causes contamination around the factory area. For those worried about their real estate, the price of the property and the possibility of contamination affecting the value will not be determined until it has been entered in the market where the value can be properly calculated.