Sydney’s Facing A Serious Bug Problem

It’s a hell of a time to be a resident of Sydney, and a hell of a time to be one of many handling pest control in Lower North Shore and anywhere else in the city, as the exceptionally humid times have led to an explosion in roach numbers across the city.

David Bock, one of the Australian Museum’s many experts said that the warm temperatures coupled with exceptional humidity, noted by some to be the most humid conditions in the city, have created the perfect conditions for bugs of all kinds to breed en masse- including cockroaches.

Bock says most bugs lay plenty of eggs, expecting most of the offspring to expire before they hit adulthood, but the weather conditions means that a lot grow into maturity, and breed. The increase in the bugs’ numbers, he says, has also led to an increase in the number of their predators, such as redback spiders and daddy longlegs.

Michael Cooper operates Coopers Pest Control, and he says that he’s receiving approximately 15% more calls compared to the prior year as a result of the weather. He says that he, and the whole pest control industry in the city including pest control in Lower North Shore, might be the only people finding this news as pleasant.

He adds that the calls for them to deal with European wasp nests in the more mountainous areas have nearly quadrupled, from five a week to about 20. Whilst the added business is appreciated, there is the danger, especially with wasp nests, with some capable of dishing out 300 wasp stings per minute.

Penrith’s Dwayne Marneros reports the same thing, and notes that even rats have gotten in on the fun, with the vermin heading into homes and hiding in the nooks and crannies, particularly in house roofs. He says that his company, Extinction Pest Control, has also had to deal with more whitetail spiders than ever before.

He warns homeowners to take care of themselves, and maintain their homes, as even pantries are under fire, with pantry moths also breeding in the conditions, enjoying the warmth and raiding foodstuffs tucked in the back end of the pantries of Aussies all over Sydney.