Shopping For Furniture Made Easy Through A Mobile App

If you have come across this page, it is very likely that you are looking for the right type of furniture that will make the home elegant and classy. Your best option to add character, comfort and luxury to your home is coastal chic range of home furniture at very low and affordable prices. The furniture range will allow you to replicate the welcoming and comfortable private quarters of the Obama’s when they were still living in the White House.

In the past decades, when a homeowner goes shopping for a coach, that was it. The coach has to last for 30 years because the homeowner won’t go shopping again. Today’s shoppers prefer disposable furniture because of practicality. Since millennials tend to move around, they do not want to be encumbered with heavy and bulky furniture. This means that they would rather hunt for new furniture for a new apartment.

Home furnishings have responded through technology to drive sales in the new category. Shopping for furniture is challenging because it is bigger and more expensive. What startup Hutch wants to do is to create that try-on experience without the hassle and expense of trying a physical piece of furniture in a physical space.

Hutch’s mobile app allows customers to virtually reinvent a living space when they buy the pieces of furniture they desire. Shoppers can start by playing around a sandbox-styled template room to get a sense on the look that they are trying to achieve. Whenever they find that look which will match with their home, they can upload the photo to the space that needs to be furnished. The designers of Hutch will start working to deliver a rendered 3D image. This will provide the shopper with an idea on how the sofa or armchair will look inside the home before an informed purchase decision is made.

If you are more passionate with elegant and simple furniture that are competitively priced, you should try coastal chic range of home furniture that is guaranteed to do justice to your home. The furniture has been put together by skilled craftsmen from a unique blend of sturdy timbers to create coastal feeling.