School Hall In Christchurch Subject Of Arson After Facing Charges Due To Non-Compliant Materials

School buildings must always be built with the utmost in safety standards. This is because it is always a very sad and sorry story to see children being crushed or injured by collapsed buildings. However, a contractor in Christchurch has been charged with using non-compliant materials to complete building the school. The construction company in question is Falcon Constructions which had used foreign materials which were not authorized instead of proper sturdy and compliant materials. This was later found out when the City Council deemed that the materials being used were insufficient in quality. The worst part of this business is that the directors of Falcon Construction did not know about the mishap as the construction workers had hid this information from their higher officials.

Falcon construction is generally considered a spectacular collection of home builders in Christchurch but after this incident, their reputation is due for a dip. After this incident was brought to light by the council, construction had stopped for quite a while, and the building was due to be demolished. The children of this school were using the Christchurch’s St. Chad’s Church Hall for their proceedings. Two years after this battle for the construction was fought, this building is entering the news again. A few days prior to the demolition of this hall, it was lit on fire and was the subject of arson. However, Kim Shannon, the Ministry’s Head of Construction, merely stated that this was just an isolated incident and that this would not be repeating itself anytime in the near future.

Falcon Construction Company are actually part of a larger group of home builders in Christchurch and have been in liquidation since June. Reports state that they owe $158,864 to numerous creditors including the ministry itself.  However it is unknown whether Falcon Construction had offered any collateral in the form of assets to these creditors. Aside from all these reports though, there is still hope that the ministry approves a fast-track construction of the hall for this school, since there has been nearly an entire generation of children that has been through school without a school hall now.