Richard Branson Shared Holiday Pictures Of Former President Barack Obama

The rest of the world might be busy witnessing the new President of the United States, Donald Trump, sign one executive after another but Barack Obama is enjoying quality downtime after having been elected as President for two terms.

Judging by the photos that were shared by Sir Richard Branson, it is safe to say that the former President is enjoying his time now that he is free with the responsibility of running an entire country. The most recent holiday photos of the two together are proof that he is nothing but having fun.

Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Group, and the former President Mr. Obama shared a holiday break on Mosquito Island which is one of the British Virgin Islands. The island was previously bought by Sir Richard in 2007 for a price tag of £10 million. They did kitesurfing as part of their itinerary.

On a post written au the website of the Virgin, the billionaire entrepreneur shared that he is honored because Mr. Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama accepted his invitation to stay at the island for a holiday.

It was then and there that a challenge was made between the two of them, who will be able to learn something new first? Barack wanted to learn how to kitesurf while Sir Richard wanted to try his hand in Foil boarding. They made an agreement to have a battle at the final day in order to see who will last longer.

Sir Richard also shared a video featuring their challenge and it shows the both of them diving into the water but it was the former President who came on top. Sir Richard also included in the post that they both fell a number of times and eventually made some progress as the days pass by. He was able to make it to 50 meters on the final day while Barack won after going 100 meters with his kiteboard.
After leaving the White House, the couple has been taking their time before they have to go back to Washington where their daughter Malia needs to finish her schooling. The photos during Barack’s recent holiday are worth printing and making into personalized canvas prints as it showcased how carefree he is after eight years in the Oval Office.