Report Of The Administration Regarding Artificial Intelligence

Under the leadership of President Obama, America still remains to be the most innovative country all over the world. It has the greatest potential when it comes to developing future industries as well as utilizing science and technology in a way that will help resolve the current challenges that the world is facing. In the last eight years of his administration, President Obama took emphasis on the capacity of the country to be better in science and technology. Last year, he became the host of the White House Frontiers Conference held in Pittsburgh. The event was organized to have a place where people can imagine what the United Stated and the entire world will be in the next 50 years or more. This is a way for them to see what potential the country holds that will make this place healthier, have more security, equitability as well as prosperity.

The United States is now ready for a future wherein AI or artificial intelligence plays a big role. A report was already released by the White House entitled Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence where it tackles the way the future will lead when it comes to considering AI in the picture. A companion report was also published entitled National Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Strategic Plan which will layout the plan that the government has in funding and developing AI.

The future of AI will determine the state of America as the leading nation when it comes to innovation. With AI, there are more markets available and opportunities are opened up in critical sectors such as environment, health, education and energy. There are certain tasks that proved machines to be better compared to human performance.

One of the crucial issues that have been discussed regarding AI is its effect on jobs as well as the economy. One thing is for sure, it has played a great role when it comes to automation and the economy of the country. We are now facing an era where home automation is getting more and more attention and AI will soon come into the picture. As for now, there are many DIY home automation systems that homeowners could try to see if the technology will benefit them or not.