Questions To Ask When Choosing A Bangkok International School

It’s a great privilege for families to join an international school community. By meaning, international education caters to a worldwide community with different nationalities. Students experience similar education taught in a different country. The rising number of international schools can make parents and students choose which ones are most suited for their needs. It’s when they choose a Bangkok international school for the education of their kids.

When choosing an international school, a family must consider various elements. What is most crucial is having them learn to focus on student growth. Education is important as it affects a student’s passion for learning. A family must ask about the child’s interests, goals and aptitudes. Furthermore, these five questions should make you determine the school that enhances lifelong learning:

  • How Teaching Can Support Learning?

The growth of a student may have resulted to education focusing on good habits, outstanding books and productive insights. In order to learn, a student has to inquire and explore. For instance, rather than students asking “why” so teachers can fill their minds with facts, teachers should be the one’s asking “why” to make them discover. Teachers should find the best ways for students to improve their habits in life.

  • How the School Extends Learning Beyond the Classroom?

Students must connect education to the world through learning and service. Teachers must find significant outreach programs to include traveling abroad and service projects. A Bangkok international school can provide a variety of global languages, co-curricular activities, and internships such as work-based learning and job shadowing. Furthermore, schools must provide practical life skills like culinary arts, gardening, woodworking and speaking opportunities.

  • What Literary Reading is Needed for Students?

Significant, high quality literature must be a backbone of the program. Students must be provided with different concepts to mould their minds about the world and its history.

  • How Fine Arts and STEAM are Mergedinto the Programs?

Schools must educate the child by making them learn the study of music, drama, poetry and art and comprehensive studies like sciences and maths.

  • How Play and Exploration Are Merged into Learning?

According to Marie Montessori, “play is a child’s work.” Plato also cautioned that “kids must be allowed to play while they study.” Students need to discover how things must work through observing nature and innovating their own games.

Going through all these questions will make you choose the right Bangkok international school for your children.