Pros And Cons Of Using Faux Leather Seat Covers

The aesthetics of a vehicle’s interior depend largely upon the seat covers and selecting a proper seat cover for your vehicle is a tough decision. Whatever be the type of vehicle you drive, seat covers play an important role in the comfort and aesthetics of the interiors. Vehicle owners have a lot of options to choose from, when it comes to the material and design of seat covers. They can go for universal seat covers which are readily available or get custom made seat covers that fit the seats like a dream. They can choose between many materials like leather, faux leather, fabric, vinyl, polyester and many more. Each of the material has its pros and cons and is suitable for different requirements.

The pros and cons of using faux leather seat covers for vehicles

Faux leather is the close alternative to the genuine leather. It gives the same look, feel and comfort.  The faux leather seat covers look exactly similar to the leather ones and mimic a lot of their qualities like UV resistance and stain resistance. They offer the same aesthetic look of leather covers and it is hard to differentiate between the two materials. The maintenance of faux leather is easy when compared to the original and it is also suitable for people travelling g with pets because it is scratch resistant. It is easy to clean and only requires a gentle wipe down.

The companies dealing with faux leather seat covers make the covers on order. The custom make offers a dream fit and easy installation. The UV resistant covers are available in a wide range of colors to choose cars of different brands and are available in complete sets for all the interior requirements. The faux leather covers cost much less when compared to the real ones and are the go to option for people against animal cruelty.

Benefits of Faux Leather

  • The covers are cheaper than other materials and offer aesthetics close to the real leather.
  • The covers are comfortable for humans and animals. They are scratch resistant and hence safe to use when travelling with pets.
  • It is easy to maintain and just needs a wipe regularly to keep it clean and sparkling.

Cons of faux leather

  • The seats are not breathable and may be uncomfortable.
  • The faux leather covers are only imitation. They lack the lustre and softness of real leather.

Though there are some cons, the benefit of using faux leather seat covers outweighs them. The close to leather looks and the budget friendly price are the main draw for more and more vehicle owners to opt for faux leather covers.